How do I know that your services are right for me?

We always offer a complimentary consultation to discover your needs and hopes and expectations. Through this exclusive process we can determine if we can offer you an outstanding solution.

What can I expect after scheduling a consultation?

You can expect to have a customized bid returned within 24 hours of a consultation for either Landscape Maintenance, repair or install.

When do I have to pay for Landscaping services?

Landscape Maintenance is typically performed under a service contract and billed monthly. Landscape Repair and Installation jobs will be billed at time of service once completed and may be subject to a 25% deposit at job commencement.

Do you have your own Landscape designer or architect?

Yes! Our design team has over 30 years of experience and has designed some of the best residential and commercial landscapes in Colorado.

Can you service my landscaping after installing it?

Yes! We pride ourselves on installing beautiful landscapes and are committed to keeping them that way. Call us or email for a custom quote!

Can you do other maintenance services besides mowing my lawn?

Yes, we offer a significant value to our customers by providing lawn care in addition to any landscape need you might have including weeding, fertilizing, aeration, power rake, tree/shrub trimming, planting and sprinkler adjustments or fixes.

Do you service only residential landscaping?

No, we work with all types of landscaping projects including residential as well as HOA’s, apartment complexes, condominiums and new construction.